I need a title….

My dear readers,

I have nothing new to write about. I spent the weekend at Semliki WR staying at the lovely Semliki Safari Lodge.

Yesterday, I was talking to my nurse and she gave me a note with this. She told me it was from her nursery school days…..

Monday’s child: Full of grace.

Tuesday’s child: Fair of face.

Wednesday’s child: Full of woe.

Thursday’s child: Has far to go.

Friday’s child: Loving & Giving.

Saturday’s child: Works hard for a living.

Sunday’s child: Bony, bly, good & gay.

Is this really true?


One thought on “I need a title….

  1. Hey

    Now i must do some calculations backwards just to know on which day i was born

    And just for fun (When i was conceived)
    Now dat would be some revelation.

    I think the title can be “Day mirth for child birth”

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