Evening discussions………

 I am standing at the stage next to Nandos. Time check: 20h00. Another late evening at the office, I am not even paid for overtime. How unjust! I hop in to the next taxi to Ntinda, I immediately switch in to thinking mode. My neighbour, a lady is really angry with the taximan for waiting for this one passenger who does not seem to materialise.

I think I am running crazy……this strannger is talking to me about her business. I can not believe I replied.

Yesterday, Mr. Matata told me his house in Nairobi shares a fence with the Nairobi National Park. I met Mr. Matata in a taxi.

These taxi meetings are becoming too much.

I have run away from Kampala. See you when I am back.

Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “Evening discussions………

  1. Hay, that was something. But i bet it doesn’t come close to my experience the other day.

    I decide to board this taxi home and just a seat upfront of me is this lady wit the craziest phone manners.
    She receives a call and i think the person on the other ends wants her to tell her Wat items she may need for Easter

    Here is the cranker, she puts the phone on her laps and begins listing the items she needs (she is telling the person on the phone yet the phone is on her laps—Ddaaaaaahh)

    Now beat that.

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