Ma3s cont’d

When you want to get off at Posta Uganda, there is no stage…..

When there is a potential passenger waiting at Posta, it is suddenly okay to stop and get him/her on board….

Oba why?

Nice weekend!


One thought on “Ma3s cont’d

  1. Kampala now has no legal taxi stop stages. Only those lucky enough to enjoy the pleasures of riding around Kampala in the comfort of their automobiles truly enjoy or get pissed.

    Any person who dares want to board at Posta MUST be physically endowed or verbally good to take on the taxi drivers and conductors.

    Imagine if you are getting on, one must be on the look out for the “Ekiido, or the Popi” around the stage— Man, these gays line up meters from each other from the Posta stage right down to Esso corner.

    The other day Dis lady almost was thrown out of the taxi coz hardly had she been seated than the taxi took off at the threatening speed to escape the police lady who had spotted the taxi loading passenger.

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