End of the course……

I closed the course yesterday.

In the morning, we had a brief test and it was followed by a complementary visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and the Botanical Gardens. It was a wholesome experience sharing our country with my students – most of whom are foreigners.

We got to admire and appreciate the nature and the beauty of Uganda. This got me thinking – Why does it have to be foreigners to awaken us to the beauty of our country?

Let us learn to appreciate our country, visit the national parks, see nature in its beauty, appreaciate and learn about conservation….

We can do much more!

I have 2 questions off the above topic:

1. What is the difference between pressing and blogging?

2. I am an ardent reader. However, for a month now, I have failed to read beyond the first page of any novel that I pick up. What can I do?

Have a fantastic weekend…..


2 thoughts on “End of the course……

  1. local tourism usu isn’t so big…i think we take so much for granted, we never take time off to look around and appreciate the grandeur we live in…
    not sure what pressing is, and google isn’t helping..i think blogging, in a nutshell, you are the writer, the editor and the publisher…

  2. The saying ” you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone” probably applies here.
    It took me leaving Uganda, seeing people passionate about what their countries have to offer. That is when I realised Uganda is a gem, it’s beautiful, has the tastiest fruits and amazing natural resource. Now I brag about home every chance I get.

    Pressing and blogging have lots in common but I think what sets them apart is the former is news oriented i.e reporting on national/international events while blogging is really journaling, writing a diary e.t.c. And like sleek said, with a blog you are in charge… anyway something like that.

    Try reading a novel that is highly recommended, one that has been given great reviews -“The Kite Runner”, “A thousand splendid suns” …
    But you might just be busy, having a lot to do can also be an issue.

    Good luck

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