Old news

I should have told you this yesterday. Now, it is going to sound like history. Please prepare yourself for history:

I run out of fuel on the way to the office.  What did you say?……What? You too!!!

Here is the full story. The car came from the garage on Sunday evening. I did not bother to check. Monday morning, I jump in and drive out, as soon as I hit the main road, I glimpse at the fuel gauge and it is reading: DANGEROUSLY LOW!! Thank God , the SHELL is in view about 2 metres ahead.

SHELL has no diesel. and the next filling station is in about 600 metres….I move on slightly convinced that I will make it.

I am stuck in the middle of the traffic. It is dangerously threatening to rain.

What a morning!

Lesson: Mechanics are suckers.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


2 thoughts on “Old news

  1. I surely feel your pain..sorry man..lol , mechanics are suckers indeeed, for the most part at least..thats when they arent actually sorting out the problem

  2. Lol, Sibo.

    Sorry about this experience. Although many people have told me that this will one day happen to me because I often drive with very low fuel in order to avoid unnecessary trips that I would otherwise make if I didn’t stop to consider fuel usage, it hasn’t yet. Better luck next time! 😉

    Thanks for sharing,

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