Monday aches

It is Monday again. I am in the office and my body aches terribly. Saturday, I went to Jinja for bungeeing & rafting – courtsey of ADRIFT. Now, I am terribly paying.

It was fun though. Actually fun is not the right word – EXHILARATING is the word. The jump from 44m high,the free fall – I flew.

Then the rafting trough all the rapids big & small, my team & I challenged them all – No flipping. We did it!

My back, tummy & arms hut from the rowing/paddling.

I hope you all had a great wknd as I did. Next time, you are free, pay a visit to ADRIFT – they will make it happen: the bungee jumping, the rafting.
It is totally AWESOME!

Thanks ADRIFT, you guys made my weekend!

Have a blessed week every one!


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