The cripple Nakawa

From my office window, I have a great view of the Parliament and the Police Headquarters. The mouth-watering aroma that floats in from Haandi Restaurant keeps me focussed on making it to lunch time.

There is this man….he strikes at first sight because he is crippled. He crawls his way about town. When he knocks at your door, you open looking straight only to hear a very deep; “Hello!”  eminating from the ground. This man has been sent by the Nakawa town council to raise funds for his business project. You are touched so you pulled a thousand shilling note and you include yourself to his list of sponsors. No problem with that. 

The number of signatures on the list and the state of his introduction letter show that he has been through many offices and met many generous sponsors.

Two months later, he returns to your office with the same introduction and an even longer list of sponsors. This raises  a questions:

What did he do with the funds he raised in the past 2 months? 

Isn’t he pulling our legs?

I have very strong feeling this man is one of the kiwani people moving around stealing people on the pretext of business project of a crippled man.I do not think his letter of introduction is legitimate. Maybe I am wrong….

Have a good weekend. Let us meet at the Rugby Club!


8 thoughts on “The cripple Nakawa

  1. Why don’t you go through the list of sponsors and point out your name to him so he don’t come back. Sometimes those guys take our good giving hearts for a ride

  2. I totally agree, this guy must be one of the rip offs, he has been to my office too.
    Do you play rugby? Interesting

    • You are right…next time I will ask to see the progress of the business project…
      I am surprised that you did not know….

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