Lost keys

I am seated in cyber cafe after so many months……you see, at my office, I have the privelege of surfing the net when I want and how much I want. So why am I at a cyber cafe this cool Saturday morning? The reason is I forgot my office keys. Let us see how this came to happen to a sharp guy like me.

On Thurday night, UMEME was playing hide and seek in my area code. My bulb beaten with age and overuse gave up long before the battle of the toughest began. UMEME took the day….rather the night!

I leave my house very early and return very late. I am a patriotic servant of the nation. I have not seen my keys since Friday. Probably, I will find them over the weekend.

Meanwhile, I am soon running out of kyeyo…..anayone willing to employ me?

Have a fun-filled weekend.


5 thoughts on “Lost keys

  1. I’m afraid I have bad news. Just been editing my boss’ report and read that he is planning to invite some missionary to work as our administrator. Will keep in touch nevertheless when I hear of something.

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