Late entry

This a very late post. It was due Monday and now Friday is upon us. The furthest I got to was reading other happy bloggers’ posts. Thanks Angie, Baz and Sleek. You kept me reading.

I can not even remember what I was supposed to talk about. Blame is on bloggers’ block. On Monday, I was still sailing thanks to the non-stop partying over the weekend. I only mamanged to get some work done yesterday.

I just realised that I have a headache and my colleague tells me the boss has been shouting at me all week. Now, I am starting to hear the echoes.

This heat is becoming unbearable. I wish my office was air-conditioned. While I am still wishing, my work station is down. The IT guys think I am bluffing.  Here, I am with a monitor that plays; “now you see-now you dont” with me all day.

My eyes are hurting. I think I should sue the company….

In other new (whic by now you all already know), MJ died. He stopped before we got enough.

Happy weekend


3 thoughts on “Late entry

  1. U have 2 options, you either sue the company for a salary raise and better working environment or u you find a better working place..

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