Girls on fire!

The Daily Monitor yesterday reported that students of Kangole Girls School in Moroto tried to burn their school. The main reason is that the admistration denied them a chance to spend the night with the boys from Kaabong SS!!!!!!!!!

UPDF had to intervene to stop the fire.

What kind of girls are we training? Will these become mothers of the nation?

Read the full story HERE


7 thoughts on “Girls on fire!

  1. look on the brightside, at least we are assured of a new generation of women who know what they want, all we have to do is ensure that they want the right thing and we can rest easy that they fight to get it.

    i actually think this’s a good thing, these are school kids, what do you expect; you never know what challenges the ‘nation’ will be facing 10 years from now.

  2. When you think about it, do you really mean it when you cry out, “Will these become mothers of the nation?”
    Do you say it because you feel you ought to or are you genuinely concerned about a bunch of random school girls? Hell, girls always set their lives on fire for boys. The fun begins when they try to switch the status quo.

  3. Memories of my school days have no close resemblance to the present.
    I say it because I am shocked. Do girls really do that for boys? How loving!

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