Silent pain

I have been too quiet….battling for life & love alike.  I learnt that the person I thought was my “girlfriend” has been moving out with someone else while I was here at the frontline fighting to bring the bread to the table.

As if not enough, tragedy does not hit single-handedly, it comes in pairs. I almost lost my life to Celiac Disease. I have been literally struggling to keep up and my boss can not allow me a sick leave.

I visited the blog of that Ugandan Insomniac, in her most recent blog, she talks about a Dr. Richard Wrangham. This doctor did his tests on chimps…..for crying out loud!!

I like his take on bachelors: “….that bachelors have a very hard time of it. They are thin, they are looked down upon by married men, they deeply desire to have a wife in order to be able to join the ranks of the elders. The problem that bachelors face is that they have to spend time during the day not simply doing things that will bring them glory — like hunting — but making sure they have a way of feeding themselves in the evening. And it uses up a lot of energy and time to take care of yourself.”

We are mid-way there…..the weekend beckons…dont give up too soon.


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