Have you listened to Nze Wuwo by Tshilla featuring Micheal Ross? This is a very good song. It is better than all the collabos done by Micheal Ross……well, that is my opinion. It is the song I am listening to as I write this. I love Tshilla. She is very vibrant and has a very strong and good voice.

The weather has been funny for the last past days.  At one time, we are being roasted and the next we are frozen or drenched!

On Monday I had to go to rescue a colleague in Murchison Falls NP. His car had broken down at the gate enetring the park. I had planned to leave Kampala at 11h00 but at that time my car was still in the garage and nowhere close to being ready……meachanics!

At 14h00, the mechanic calls me that he thinks he is done. I get to him in 20mins and we do 20 mins test drive. After fixing this and that…..here and there, we set off for Masindi at 15h15.  We got there in 6hours and 40 mins. It was so dark but thank God, I had come with a mechanic. The guy worked on his car until 03h00. Meanwhile, we drank lots of black coffee and ate lots of pancakes.  After checking that all was okay, we left my friend at the gat waiting for sunrise. We immediately returned to Kampala.  The return journey was faster because of the low traffic. I made it in 5 hours. Kampala has a beautiful sunrise. It is breathtaking! I

We talked so much…..actually the mechanic….he is called Tadeo did most of the talking. These guys are full of stories. Interesting and intelligent ones.  I did the listening. From politics to culture to religion…

I have insomnia. I spend the night counting sheep…..okay I am thinking most of the time. If I am lucky I get 4 hours of sleep.

This week has been too slow, I am carrying the sleep debt of Monday night and I have not even managed to sleep properly. I do not know what to do.

The weekend is calling


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