Evening in Kla

It is confirmed!  I am leaving Kampala tonight. I have no choice. I have a journey of about 500 kms. This will take about 10 hours.

Last evening, I went downtown…something I rarely do. I was struck ny the number of shopping malls that have come up. Every where you turn, there is a mall and the shops are either Indian or Chinese owned. What is happening? Very soon, Nakasero market will have to give way to a mall.

Something else that struck is the number of eager shoppers. After this, I confirmed that the credit crunch hit only particular parts of the city.

I was in town till late due to the heavy trafiic on Jinja Road, so I went to check on friend’s mum who is receiving medication from Nakasero Medical Centre (located in Capital House). We chatted till late. When she was discharged, I walked back to Kampala Road to get my car. On my way, I was attacked by a number of ladies of the night…….oh the horror!

It is sad…..very sad….they are now taking it to the streets!

In response to Tumwi’s post ,I googled images of the Uganda police and this is one of the images among the many that came up:

Our Police

Despite, the long journey, I am travelling in comfort:



Catch you on the on the other side.  Stay safe!


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