Ahem! Ahem!

I returned to Kampala mid last week and I have been slowly recuperating. The weekend in Kigali was fun-filled…..less sleep and much partying! What more could I ask for?

It is holiday time in Rwanda and all the Rwandans living in the diaspora returned home with so much hype. All night spots are full from Monday to Monday and these young men and women are more than ready to drink whatever liquid that has got a good amount of alcohol in it.

After 4 sleepless nights, I was more than happy to return to Kampala.  The downside of every party night is that it ends with you returning to your bed solo. If you do not have a car, then it is either a taxi cab or a moto-taxi.

A moto-taxi on a Kiagli night wilml sober you up pronto if you had been intoxicating yourself. Nights in Kiagli are the coldest I have ever experienced in a any city.

The Kampala – Kigali route is getting busier by the day with so many bus companies joining the route. Noteworthy is that most of these buses prefer to move by night.

The weekend in Kampala was very heavy…..thanks to the return of th holidaymakers, now there is kavuyo in every hangout!


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