Of leaving home….

My dear readers,

It has been 20-something years of being fed and sheltered by my wonderful parents. They have done even much more than that. That will come to close soon. I am leaving home. I am spreading my wings and flying out of the nest.

I am leaving with nothing but the clothes on me! My ingenious mother decided that I leave with only the clothes that I own. Nothin more. Nothing more. My dad is still aloof!

this weekend is for getting some dimes together and buying a mattress and a few other necessities.  I am very bleak and excited!

Ideas & Contributions are welcome!

Have a great weekend!

On my way....

On my way....

PS: Thank you, parents, for the free food, shelter, etc…


12 thoughts on “Of leaving home….

  1. woh thats a cool start… kati now mummy should have given her boy atleast a ka mattress,even 2inches can work…

    But yaa, u need to get out, trust me you will manage..it will work out

    About contributions nooo….maybe come around with my beers and give you words of advice about living on your own.lol.

    cheers – nice weekend.

  2. As per now no advise.

    Consult me agagin on how to organise that “killer” house warming.

    Otherwise, big step in life. I too left home with only my clothes and
    i made it. Yu’ll make it as well.

    nice weekend on the floor. hahahaha

  3. @normzo: will surely manage! Thanks for the encouragement!
    Your beers…..Independence wknd or later depending on the pocket status!
    @therisingpage: she be tough like that!
    @jny23: will surely be calling on you! Big up!

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