This blog has been inactive for a very long time so this post is supposed to re-awaken it! Giving it a toutch of new life. Let it flow with energy and awesomeness.

No more

I have been busy. Really busy. And when I say busy , do not take it lightly! For me, I get so busy that I even forget lunch and supper….that is how high my concentration gets. This should explain why this post will be brief….

(Re-adjusting my seat, tea-girl walks in) Rose, please get me my cup of coffee!

Let us not lose focus. It is important to be focussed in life. Especially now that there is credit-kuranch, school fees-kuranch, and even fuelo-kuranch. Money is indeed avoiding us!

I have come to terms with the fact that only women can multi-task. I tried that once and I ended up very confused.

Akalango: Do you have a house party, birthday party or a get-together?  Do you need to indulge yourself? Then Sibo is here for you. Sibo is an experienced cook. He can make excellent American pancakes, donuts, and cook to meet your culinary expectations…..so pick up the phone today!

PS: Say a prayer for Nev. He is hospitalised at Nsaambya.

Have a fab weekend!


5 thoughts on “Kuranch

  1. hahahaha. Kalangooooooooooo.
    Should first take those cookery skills at your house warming bash then see if i can give yu biz and also recommend yo services to my pips.

    Oh i also claim the KURANCH socks.

  2. Where were you for the baby shower? With your pancakes and other kuranch goodies.

    Meanwhile, a prayer for Nev. Many prayers, in fact.

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