It started with a chat message on skype. Then, it was followed by Yahoo! Messenger.

She sent her photo and then asked for mine.

She made “declaration d’amour” that is what she called it!

Then it was followed by text messages late in the night which have now become phonecalls.

The problem is she is so much in and I am yet to get there…..

She is a work colleague: different branch, country and department tough.

Is this right? I get the feeling she is moving too fast for me….

I am going into hiding…………….


20 thoughts on “Confession

  1. hihihihihihi.
    So am not the only one running away from a lady’s advances.

    On a more serious note, ill be back shortly with some real help.

    I claim the cowardly SOX.

  2. whats going on with boys of these days…

    what happened to the days, when we played the Game to the end…when we never quit until we had gotten some of that(am kidding).

    I need to sit jny and you…and give you boys a talk….About cowardice.

  3. UgGirl, I prefer the second option, because there is some thrill in it. The first option may make me mad, the second one is well natural.

    Wama, me i think she’s going too fast. Do you even know her age?

  4. looks like she got you in her sights! you’re the prey and she’s the predator, your position is unenviable, better turn tables real quick before she gobbles you up and moves on. PUT UP A STOP SIGN and then hammer out a few ground rules……………I guess the mandatory late night calls are a bit of a bother especially when you have a movie to watch, YEAH! buddy, been there, done………….

      • When you accept the phone calls, reply text messages and chat online with her, saying stuff with the same enthusiasm, what does she expect? Ignore the calls once in a while, then more frequently. Don’t reply text messages, and tell her you are too busy to chat. If she doesn’t get the message, then well…she’s not that fast.

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