Confession – part II

I told you how ‘she’ was calling and texting. Well things have gone to another level, every Friday evening, she calls and says she is going to the salon. Results are sent via email on Monday mornings.

Honestly, I am loving what I see! She has gone through alot just for me. One evening she called and promised to stay with me for as long as it takes.

There is this weekend that she made extra special by surprising me with a visit. I was busy minding my own business on a slow Saturday afternoon, when a call came through. The caller said I had a guest to pick at Kampala Coach offices on Jinja Rd. I hop on to the next boda and cruise down there. Lo and Behold! Who is here? None but herself……..the shock, the joy, the surprise all mixed engulfed me!

A quick tour of Kampala was quickly planned. Sunday evening saw her board the bus again for the return trip. As the bus pulled out of the parking, I walked away feeling lonely and sad.

I did not run… legs wanted to but my heart did not!


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