Bored & Hungry

This is one idle post.

I am in the office with no work but because the boss is in I can not go home.  Iam very bored and very hungry. I was supposed to go fo lunch but 2 things happened:

1. I had to see a doc to rectify my sore throat so that I could eat peacefully again. Of late, the eating has been a painful struggle.

2. When I walked out of the clinic, it started raining so I had to return to the office.

Only 3 people seem busy here: the MD, the Accountant & the Operations Manager. The rest of us are on a chiller mode. Well, for me, it is not chilling really cause I am hungry. I can wait for 17h00.

Fellows, what can I do to while away the 1 hour left?


8 thoughts on “Bored & Hungry

  1. since you have the internet, browse away on all those sights,unless its forbidden to do so..or its a shared office.. and go visit and read all those blogs.. about food,sorry dude. you gotta wait.

  2. tell the boss you have another appointment with the doc. See health comes first. However, make sure yu go to an eating place far away from office for if he finds yu, trouble.

    Sorry about the throat thingy.

    Oh, dont forget a Mutziig to wash down the food.

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