A long month…

It is the last week of September 2010. Honestly, I do not even know what to write. It has been ventful month. On 14th, I went to Mubende for the closing ceremony of the book week with the National Library of Uganda.  While there, we had an opportunity to visit the famous Nakayima tree.

Legend has it that the spirit of Nakayima still lives in the tree. People from all walks of life come over to pay homage to the tree or the spirit.

The function was well organised with quite a number of pupils with hilarious presentations. Even the adults had their turn on the podium. However, the outdoor function was short-lived and we had to take refuge in the premises of the community library. At the end of the ceremony a number of schools as well as indivuduals receives prizes and gifts. 

On 16th, National Book Trust of Uganda (NABOTU) together with FEMRITE organised a Public Reading  at the National Theatre. Even Mr. Fagil Mandy was in attendance. Gaaki Kigambo of the Observer summarised the pulic reading: Here

On 17th, NABOTU gave out awards to the outstanding performers of the literary competition. Ms. Sylvia Awori graced this occasion.

The Bayimba Festival that run from 17to 19th was worth waiting for. For those of you who missed, make it a date next year.

That is all from me. It has been a hectic month, full of activity and lots of lessons. I ask God to guide me.


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