A little nostalgic

This week I have been nostalgic. I miss the good old days at MACOS and the great times of UMU. Back in high  school, I was very active guy and I remember no school function would be complete without me. There was the SMART Partnership and the celebrations of the day of the African Child.  In 2001, I directed a play and we staged it at Speke Resort Munyonyo for the visiting Heads of governments. We even had a one-on-one with the First Lady at State House, Nakasero. Glorious Days!

2002, my team was again part of the celebrations of the day of the African child. This was held at the now Serena Conference Centre. When professor Okey Ndibe visited Uganda, I was on the committe that welcomed him – representing the students of Uganda. Those days, I used to shine. I was woah!!!

Here is a part of me from the time. The poem below was recited to the Uganda parliamentarians on 16th June 2002 at the Serena Conference Centre.

Dream on African child

Long for a land free from hunger

Free from famine, poverty and war.

Dream on girl of Africa

That you will break the chains

That tied your great-grandmother

Denying her of basic things


To eat or not to eat chicken?

To climb or not to climb a mango tree?

Right or wrong

She had no right

To eat on scarce resources.

Dream on boy of Africa

That you will never be forced

To join quarrels you have not started

You will not be part of the war

That denies children a good night’s sleep.

Dream on boy! Dream on girl!

That you will get work to do

And earn as much as you toil

To have a break from breaking your back

A person who works should not lack

Food to eat and water to drink.

Awake, watch out for your dream

Vanishing with vapor in the valley

A shadow in a dream

Is the right of an African child.

They say we are free to go anywhere

But malaria detains us in the house

A right to form associations

And create divisions with those that do not belong.

To be given any job to do

When I have not gone to school

Free to be represented by a lawyer

Whose fees is my lifetime’s earning!

What is the right of a poor man’s child?

Let us not talk without action

If each of us demands his right

There will be no rights left

For the children, the poor and disabled

But if all of us gave a little of our right

Enough will be there for all.

Agree to fight to give up something

And not fight to gain everything

Work more than you get

Love the neighbor

More than yourself

Then the constitutional rights

Will have meaning for all.

©Lionel BM

June 2002

 Note: UBHH is on today at Mateos


3 thoughts on “A little nostalgic

  1. I rememebr that kid in MACOS who was allover Mr. Mugasa.

    Never too late, u can still revive your poetry and play directing skills.

    All the best and hope to see u at the UBHH this evening.

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