Feb: A month of Elections & Love

As a certified blogger, I am supposed to give you my dear reader a recap of the month just ended at the beginning of new one. This is my attempt at reviewing February 2011.

Did you vote?

– When Feb started, all Ugandans were looking forward to one particular date – 18th Feb. This is the day the Electoral Commission had chosen for Presidential and Parliamentary elections. However, prior to this date we had 14th Feb aka St. Valentine’s day.

– Since 14th Feb is usually a day for couples to celebrate their love….we the single guys are always left in the cold….

– This time it was different. The singles had their share of the fun and excitement. On 12th Feb, a hoo-up party was organised for all the single ladies & gents of Kampala. Venue: Boda Boda. Yours Truly was unable to attend due to work commitments.

– However from what I saw on Login on NTV,  there was more laughter and less hooking up!

– 14th Feb – The lovers’ day or as my colleague said; this year the day is specially dedicated to Olara Otunu of the UPC. He did not explain why. I received no texts, no calls, not even beeps….looks like I  have to revise my love life.

– 18th Feb: The day that we had all been waiting for finally arrived at last. To make it even better, it was a Friday and in Kampala we love our Fridays. Rumours had been going around that there would be war, violence, and chaos. Expatriates left the country while others in the name of obeservers arrived in plenty. Mr. Kale Kayihura of the Police force assured Ugandans that anyone who harboured thoughts of violence would be dealt with.

– On his last rally, Presidential Candidate Y K Museveni echoed Kayihura’s words of comfort.

– On polling day, drama ensued in many polling stations. Some voters were unable to find their names on the register. Others were at the wrong polling station even Presidential Candidate Besigye Kizza was turned away from one polling station.  All in all, it was a calm day here in Kampala. The EC  promised to declare results in 48 hours. True to their word, the EC delivered as promised. On 20th Feb: Y K Museveni was declared president-elect.

– On the evening of 22nd Feb: The EC finally decided that 23rd would be a public holiday. The day for Mayoral/LC 5 Elections.

– 23rd Feb: Kampala awoke to news of vote rigging and ballot stuffing. Soon there heavy military deployment allover the city and then the Kiboko boys arrived – and mayhem did they cause. One aspirant was  blamed for all this chaos.

– In other news,  after about 5 years of my relationship with MTN….. we have reached a point where only divorce is the only option.  Details in another post soon….

– The month has come to an end.  I am still searching for myself. I hope that March will be better than February.

– I wish you a month of blessings and goodness. Go conquer the world!


6 thoughts on “Feb: A month of Elections & Love

  1. Feb has always been my favourite month of the year and not for the obvouse reason…

    As for you and MTN …i really dont understand what people see in MTN….MTN is a cheat and doesnt care who is watching….:-)

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