Questions of life

Have you ever wondered who you really are? Why God created you? What your purpose in life is? What you are here for?

Well, I have and of late it is all that has been occupying my mind. I started feeling a void inside of me a few weeks ago. I thought it would go as it had come. It did not. It is almost a month now and I am going through hell searching for myself. I stopped living the day I started feeling empty. Everything has just become plain routine to me. My senses are working alright but the person seated in front of this monitor is not me.

So the big question: Who am I? Constantly, I keep asking myself: What is wrong with me? Yet the question I should be asking is; what is that right thing about me that I have not yet found out? How can I find it?

What should I do to find it? God does not make mistakes and whatever He sets out to do He brings to completion. The Bible tells me that I am created in God’s own image – Gen 1:26. To find that right thing, I need a settled and clear mind which I do not have at the moment. The past 4 years have been a kind of blur, it seems yesterday when I graduated but look at me now!

Should I change the way I live?

Should I change the way I relate?

Should I change the way I work?

Should I change the way I think?

Should I change the way I pray?

If so, how should I?

These are some of the questions in my head. They keep going on in my head and I have no answer to any of them. This leaves in a very confused state of mind. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I need your help.

I ask God on a daily basis to help me find an answer. I know better than to rush Him. As a Christian, I was taught in catechism class that God works in mysterious ways at His own time and His ways are not our ways. The Bible says that “Give your burdens to the LORD and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.” Ps 55:22.

“Dear God, I wish to give you burdens but Lord, I am confused. I do not know what my burdens are. Please Lord, help me clear this confusion and find answers to these numerous questions rotating in my head. “

I know He listens. I find no satisfaction anywhere. If I can not find it in cooking, will I find it anywhere? Yeah, I love cooking that much!

Is it because of this Celiac Disease that I was born with?

Is it because of my weaknesses and failings?

Why? Lord, why?

Quote of the day:

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~Robert Byrne

Let me go wait on the Lord.

Happy weekend friends!


9 thoughts on “Questions of life

  1. I went through the same phase once. We all have to go through it, I think. You start questioning everything, you think a lot when going to bed and end up with insomnia.

    The answer to your problems is…… no answer! There is no answer to these questions.

    I’m tying to make peace with myself, I tell myself my purpose on earth is to make other people happy. I searched for a purpose, thought for hours on end why God created me, created us.. the future, the past, death (scary as it is, I’ll die someday).

    Maybe you need to take a holiday, just go somewhere and do something different. Leave all your questions behind.

    Think of all the people who would be affected if you weren’t there. Your friends. Your family. Your work. Your wife (future wife) They need you. You need them.

    Dunno if I’ve helped or just made things more confusing!

    I think the meaning of life is that it ends.

    P.S. Just googled Celiac disease and it sounds scary but you’re a champion, am sure you’ll make it.

  2. Oh, something else: this is what Ug Girl posted on her blog

    Food for thought.

    “I dont know what your destiny will be, But one thing i know, The only ones among you who will be really happy are those, who have sought and found how to serve.” ~Albert Schwertzer 1875 – 1965~

  3. Hi Sibo,

    I have been here so many times, asked so many questions and I kept getting questions back. I can now say that it is a good phase because it means you want more from your life, to be more, to do more.

    I’m currently reading ‘Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren and it has helped me a lot. Like Savvy Kenya says you can take a mini break, retreat by yourself think about your life.

    That prayer you made and the question you have asked are very honest and God hears. In your search for purpose continue to seek God and you will find, continue to pray and He will answer 🙂

    Be encouraged and I hope you find your purpose.

  4. It is encouraging to learn that on this highway of life you are never alone.

    A holiday, A book

    I trust God and I am not about to give up on Him even in this confusion.

    With friends like you, I sure will.

    Thank you for reading.

  5. sweetie…you are here to be my little brother….is that not enough?

    but seriously: i always think that the day we find that answer, our days on earth are over. i think our purpose here on earth is the quest that you are on, and you are on the right path since you are asking yourself this.

    some question are meant to be answered, and some others are meant as a door to more questions…

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