The week that was…

This is a long overdue post. It was supposed to have been posted last week and then the rains started. Mr. Badru Kiggundu, that one of the Electoral Commission here in Uganda was generous enough that he pleaded with the government of Uganda to give us a public holiday on 14th March 2011. After a weekend of hard partying and lots of drinks, this holiday was more than welcome. The real reason was of this day was to give we, the people of Kampala to vote a new Lord Mayor. We have to choose from 6 contestants. If only they had played juke box then it would have been more entertaining and fun to watch.

According to the press men and women of this city….the voter turnout was very low.  Blame it on the alcohol! We knew we had a public holiday coming so we took the liberty to indulge ourselves. We drank till the bars were depleted of all forms of alcohol. When Monday came up, we could not even recall what the public holiday was about. Blame it on the alcohol!

My current employer has hired a new person of Asian origin. She spent most of Tuesday introducing herself.  More than half of the time, we had no clue whether she was making a statement of asking a question….it all sounded the same.

It is 22h40 and my Orange broadband has run out. Kenny G is entertaining me. I will have to post this tomorrow. I am supposed to be reading my Bible and here I am typing away. Today, I had major fallout with my current employer. She says she cannot stand my care-free attitude to life and work. When the boss stops speaking English….alarm bells go off!

It has been a tough week with the onset of the rains. Traffic jams are worse. I almost booked myself into a guest house on Wednesday after waiting for a matatu for about 3 hours in dark, cold and crowded Kampala.

Congratulations go out Mr. Erias Lukwago – the new Lord “read Rod”mayor. Big ups to the other contestants for conceding defeat honorably. We respect you.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”Zig Ziglar

Today is International Francophonie Day and the PiFF is holding its AGM.

Be part of one of these or both.

Have a terrific weekend!


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