The week that was…..

Last weekend the PiFF held its 1st AGM. The Deputy Executive Director of the USAID was the guest of honour. He is an interesting fellow. The turnup was quite impressive. Guys and girls rocked in their PiFF Tshirts and Vests. The MC of the day was the all-time hilarious Becca. We elected a new committee of executives and after that we partied like we do. Some faces were painted.

Listen to this song by Jeffery Osbourne – If My brother is in Trouble.

The Japan death toll has surpassed the 10,000 mark. Lets pray for these brothers and sisters.

Back home, the FDC yesterday burnt all its MTN simcards claiming that MTN acted unethically during the just concluded election. The top dogs at MTN vehemently deny this.

An earthquake has hit Burma killing 60. That is number of victims as we write this.

There is a new employee at this work palce where I pretend to work. She is of Asian origin and for the past week, we have enjoyed her cookery skills. She brings in all sorts of snacks. We are in big things!

Prices are headed for the moon especially those of foodstuffs. Schools are proposing to close early for the Easter holiday. I can guess what will happen next. Each school will call a board meeting and at this meeting, members will reach a decision to arise school fees for the next term. Guys, as you deliberate, remember the salaries of the parents/guardians have not been raised. Think about that!

This weekend I am spending it indoors. So I will make this:


and this:

Bon appetit!

A wiseman’s words:

Failures are made only by those who fail to dare, not by those who dare to fail.” Lester B. Pearson

Have a great wekend!


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