Letter to the IGP


Dear Mr. IGP,

How are you?

Did you sleep well last night? Did you have a good dinner?


I did not because your boys arrested me on my way to work last week. You see Mr. IGP, unlike you, I have been walking to work form the time I arrived in kampala. The only time I sit in a car is when I am returning to my home in Nebbi.

From last week, your boys have been pretty busy beating up and arresting anyone seen walking. Has walking become a crime? Or must we acquire walking permits? How does one apply for one? Are there classes of walking permits like those of drivers? Lots of questions for you Mr. IGP.

I am angry with you and your entire team. You see, when your boys arrested me last week, my employer fired me on grounds of absconding from duty.I tried to explain my situation to him when I was released 7 hours later but he would hear none of it. I am now jobless. All because of you.

We wait and see....

Mr. IGP, I am a married man and I have two sons. What will I tell them when there is no food at the dinner table? What will I tell them when they are chased from school? What will I tell their mother when I can not find money to buy mukene? What will I tell the landlord when I can not find rent fees for this muzigo?

You see Mr. IGP, I was barely surviving thanks to the meagre income from my previous job. Now,sir I do not know…

This maybe the last time you are hearing from because when that kilo of mazize flour is finished, we shall have nothing left to eat.

PS; – Tell your boys – Sgt. Tabaro that I was inncoently walking to my work place when beat me up and bundled me onto the waiting Police Truck.

     – Tell those irresponsible Police officers that my eldest son is now very ill because of the teargas they merceilessly sprayed at his school.

    – Tell them that my wife has lost her radiant smile.

For God and my Country.

Victimised Citizen.


2 thoughts on “Letter to the IGP

  1. Only God can sort this out now, Sibo. The people you are addressing have lost all shame and fear. Only God can break those hearts of stone, and in His good time, He will bring the house of cards crashing down. Have no doubt about that.

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