April Recap

April came and April went….so did my job!

April is a sad month for the people of Rwanda. This year was no different. From all over the world, Rwandans remembered the Genocide of 1994. This is the 17th commemoration. I joined my brothers and sisters in Rwanda in the walk to remember that took place on 9th April in Kigali. I like the way the youth of Rwanda are taking charge.

In Uganda, politics took a different turn when the opposition took to the streets in what they called “The Walk to Work” protest. The reason for this was the high fuel and food prices. The first walk was done on 11th April and Kampala has known no peace since then…actually these protests was taken as far as Masaka, Mbale, Jinja, and Gulu.

Despite the determination of the opposition, the Police backed by the Military have been relentless in quelling these protests-turned riots. Kizza Besigye, Betty Namboze and Norbert Mao have spent time behind bars for these.

Easter was calm affair here in Kampala. The Jamaican RDX of the ‘Bend Over’ fame were here and I am told even though that is the only song the duo has done that Ugandans know, a party is always a party! Kampalans had a great time. The party was stretched to Easter Monday. In fact, I know some guys who carried Monday blues to Tuesday purples….

My homeboy, Arshad got a baby girl. Congs my man….you are going to rock as a father!

Words of Wisdom

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.” Plutarch

In the month of May:

• Only One Basket event

• Trip to Burundi

• Trip to Canada Dates & Details to be availed here…..

Happy May! Let us unite for Peace!


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