Judgement day that never was….

So the world did not come to an end on  21st May as earlier predicted by Harold Camping, Head Pastor of Family Radio. There was no judgment and no rapture. And as predicted by Harold Camping, no massive earthquake. The joke was on him. He was so sure of his calculations. We waited for something to happen at six o’clock but in vain.

Earlier that day, I was at the American Recreational Association in Makindye for the monthly flea market. After looking at all the stalls, I settled on 2 novels and a few movies. There are a lot of toys, clothes and ladies’ shoes. You should try it. Next market is on 18th June 2011.

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio and then the presenter read a  death announcement. It occurred to me that a death announcement if it does not affect you is just another piece of bad news. Can we  really feel the pain of a friend who has lost a loved one? I do not think so. We are quick to sympathize with them because society expects us  to. We really do not feel what that person is feeling at theta particular moment.

Have a blessed week!

Words of Wisdom

–          “Impression without expression leads to depression” From The Color of Darkness, a novel by Lesley Bilinda.

–          “Success is not to be pursued. It is to be attracted by the person you become.” Jim Rhon


13 thoughts on “Judgement day that never was….

  1. i guess you are right about death announcements..

    but i think if it affects a close friend that you love you partly feel their pain, though not in full swing as they do..

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