Things I should do before I turn 40

– Open a Facebook account

    Scrap that! Facebook is for losers. All the cool guys live on twitter and Google+. I am a cool guy.

    Coolness just!

    Spend a night in a jail cell

The most preferred one is at Wandegeya Police Post. The most appropriate night is a Friday one!


Drive a Range Rover Vogue

Whether stolen, borrowed or bought, the most important point is to drive it and be seen.

do u feel me now?

Lose my virginity

    This might prove to be the hardest or easiest thing depending on how you view it.
    Fatboy of Sanyu FM abstained for 6 months and made news out of it. I have been abstaining for 30 years. Beat that!

    still going strong

    Get Married

I think this should come before the said loss of virginity. You all know that I am Christian. The Church and the Bible condemn sex before marriage.

here comes the groom....wher is the bride?

    Start a Business

    I have been working for other people since I left uni. I have helped small companies grow from strength to might. I have given them my all and more and what do I have to show for it after all these years?
    It is time to move on.

      let's get calculating!

      Get a child

    The sooner the better!

    Get a girlfriend

      Offer is valid for a limited time only

      By now, you must have realized that I have a problem with prioritizing. Please note that this list is in no particular order.
      Friends have promised to set up blind dates….all in the name of hooking me up.
      If you reader are female and you are still single, please contact me ASAP. Let us start a family!
      PS: Men are NOT allowed!

      Smoke weed

    I have heard that combining this plant with fire makes you touch the sky. A feel of heaven would not hurt anyone would it?

    fly so high....over the rainbow!


    12 thoughts on “Things I should do before I turn 40

    1. it is interesting how you say list in no particular order and then next on list is weed 🙂 I could read into that but I am thinking it was purely coincidental 😀

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