When nature wakes us up…..

What shall we tell them?
That we knew not?
That we cared not?
That our hunger dictated?
Or that we hoped all would change?

They will judge us
When they see all this destruction
When they see how selfish we are
When they see what we could have done
What shall we do then?

We will tell them
That we did it for them
That we knew but chose to ignore
How sorry we are
That we hope they forgive us!

©Lionel B. M.
October 2011

Let us keep it green and clean!

PS: This poet feels that not enough is being done to protect the environment. We need to do more so that it is preserved for our children. So that they too can save it for their children…That is how legends are created!
Maybe then, when they (our children ) remember us, they will smile!


9 thoughts on “When nature wakes us up…..

  1. And who are we to assume
    That if they were in our shoes
    They would not do the same?
    How can we know
    That they are not as selfish
    As greedy, as careless, as wanton as we?
    How can we trust that they will know better
    Do better? Live better?
    If we do not point them to the old rugged cross?

    • We can not assume anything,
      We need to show them the way being the role models they will look up to!

      At least, we will have done our part…
      History will judge us!

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