A letter to Patience

Dear Patience,

It is a cold and wet morning. I hope that you slept well. I did not. Let me tell you why.

Last evening, it rained. I live in Kampala. That is a good recipe for catastrophic traffic jams. I left work quite early, I had plans. Plans to make you that pasta salad that you enjoy very much. I had things to tell you but it rained. When I got to the city center my plan was to jump onto the next taxi and get home ASAP but it rained. Instead, I waited at the taxi stage for 3 hours in the rain. And I waited. The traffic jam was massive. The taxi fare was hiked. the passengers were soaked. Those were the most excruciating 3 hours of my week.

This could have been our dinner but it rained!

This could have been our dinner but it rained!


It was made worse by the fact that I had left my headphones in the office. So there was no music to make the wait less painful. It rained. No Dj Twonjex in my ears. He does a good job by the way. He has been great company. So here I was, already late for our date and with no music in the rain. My mind developed wings and took off. I saw us 3 years from now happily married with 2 wonderful children ( a boy and a girl). I see you finally leaving your irritating boss to take up your passion professional. You are simply amazing with babies: I am a witness! I remember your smile when we visited the children at Bless A Child Foundation. 

I missed his mixes....

I missed his mixes….

I decided to go to Capital Shoppers to buy chocolate for you. The Ugandan one. You see the president has been on my radio saying; “Buy Ugandan, Build Uganda!” I am a patriot. I went to the supermarket specifically for Ugandan chocolate. I did not find it. I will try again tonight till my country is adequately built. The rain will not stop us now.

PS: I miss you already. But I miss more when it rains!

Thought of the day:

Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”  Kevin Kruse

I hope you write soon. The rains are back and these roads are slippery and muddy without you….


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