Wet Wild Weekend!

My job requires me to familiarize myself with the tourist attractions Uganda has to offer. Last weekend, I go to know what Kibale Forest National Park has to offer and i visited the lovely Primate Lodge.

Kibale Forest National Park:

Area: 795 sq. km.

Inhabitants: 13 primates, 1, 450 chimps (2 fully habituated communities of chimps) – One community is for research purposes and the other is for park visitors to track. 375 bird species and 21 snake species.

The forest is marvel to behold. I tracked chimps and I found them. After walking for about 1 hour, our guide, Robert made  a signature call to a colleague who had already found the chimps. On finding him (the colleague), the chimps were right there just playing. We had a great time watching them feed and groom.

The adventure was yet to come.


On our way back to the lodge, the guide got learn that forest elephants had been spotted on the trail we were using. We had to make a U-turn. Then, we got lost! And the sky opened on us, it could not get worse.

Here we are, a group of 8 colleagues lost in Kibale. It is getting dark, It is dark. We are wet, tired and lost! Robert, the guide managed to call his superior and ask for directions. We made it safely back to the lodge.



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