Life as it is…


“We could be more than friends…..” Those were her last words as she walked out of my apartment. It has been 8 days and she has not picked my calls, replied any of my texts or emails. I am still asking myself what she meant. I do not know if I should be worried or happy.

You have all met Patience in my previous posts. Patience and I have been friends for 6 years and 5 months. You could say we are the best of friends… She reads my thoughts and I am most free when we are together. Like all friendships, we have had our moments. We quarreled, called each other names that no one can dare say in daylight. But we persevered through it all. We have not yet killed each other!

Recently, Patience’s sister wedded and in the past couple of months we have been invited to wedding meetings and weddings than I can remember.  Could that be the genesis of the statement?  Or maybe I am just dreaming?

I could have been friend zoned…

I hope to find out this weekend. Till then, I remain your truly the happiest bachelor in Kampala! Maybe new shoes, will be the answer to my dilemma.


Have a nice weekend!


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