#UgBlogWeek The pressure

The #UgBlogWeek began yesterday and being a Monday, my desk was so full that I could not find time to post anything. I cannot promise that I will be faithful to a post a day. I am already a day a late.
When my desk cleared a bit, I got a few minutes to read some posts. I must say there are amazing bloggers who are sitting in silence. You must must be wondering about the title of this post. Well to be honest, I failed a better fitting one. There is so much pressure to keep up with this. I seem to be stuck here.

The poem here below was written a couple of years ago. It is all I have as we begin this week.As we come close to the elections, may our nation not turn to this.

As I entered this room,
All I smelt was doom,
A room so darkened with gloom
In a nation doomed.

The birds sing no more,
The wind blows no more,
The sun shines no more,
In a nation doomed.

The children have gone silent,
Mothers and fathers meet not,
My heart cries out,
In a nation doomed.

All I hear are gunshots,
My eyes are bursting to brim,
Because of the smoke-filled sky,
Mine is a nation doomed.

“The future is uncertain but the end is always near.”
― Jim Morrison


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