Dear Patience, I say thank you


I sought your smile among the crowds,

It was the brightest of them all.

I sought you face among the crowds,

It was the cutest of them all.

You had me without even trying


I have learnt to love again

In the process to live again as well

You showed me what love is

I am glad to call you mine

You had me without even trying


I love you Patience,

Patience was all I had while I waited

While I prayed, Patience was all I received

You are my beloved, my Patience.

You had me without even trying

We are the perfect couple, we’re just not in the perfect situation.”


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Thank you Susan!

Dear Patience,

How are you? Have you adjusted to the cold? I miss you more everyday. JJ asked me why you went away, I told him you will call him. Make sure you do.
He says he wants a photo of you in Bulaya!

The rains have started again. Kampala is getting cooler by the day. of course, the sunshine does not give up easily. It gets its way always.
Today, I want to tell you about Susan.

The first time I met Susan was in July 2014. She was interviewing me for a job I badly needed. She was with her husband during the interview and I liked the way he let her take charge of the entire interview. From the many questions she asked me that day, only one remained in my head for a long time after. It is a question many prospective employers ask their would-be or soon-to-be employees. The question is”Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 or more years?”
I do not remember what my answer was to the question that day. However, I do remember that I was not prepared for the question (if anyone is out there and has a perfectly correct answer to the question, get in touch) and I was quite shocked. I stumbled back and back and forth and talked about my love for nature, food etc. Totally unconnected!

He has the perfectly correct answer!

He has the perfectly correct answer!

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I did get the job! In the course of my time at the company, Susan and I did discuss about my future plans both personally and professionally at length.
Very informative and fun-filled discussions we had. I must add that Susan is amazing at reading people. She knew my sad and happy moments effortless.
Patience, you must be wondering why I have started using the past tense. I will tell you. Susan left the company a few months ago. It was sad to see her go. I lost a boss (she hates being called boss). So I will rephrase, I lost a friend.

Susan, this is for you;

Thank you for being my boss and also my friend,
Thank you for all the advice and counsel you gave, I benefited a lot,
Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.

I wish you only the best that life has to give,
May you continue to infect those who meet with your radiance,
May you be more!

I wish you joy, love and happiness,
May the sun rise to meet you as you awake,
May God’s blessing keep you warm when the days turn grey.

Be more!

Thank you again!

Thank you again!

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Patience, when you meet Susan you will know that what I write is just an observation. She is beyond my description.

I love you Patience, I always will.

Patience, I am sorry!

Dear Patience,

My silence is unpardonable. I owe you an apology.

I am sincerely sorry for keeping you waiting,
I am sorry for the unfulfilled promises
I am sorry for the hurtful words I said
I am sorry for not listening when you needed me to
Please find it in you to forgive.

I am sorry for walking away
I am sorry for not telling you how I feel
I am sorry for not telling you how you make me feel
I am truly sorry
Please find it in you to forgive.

Let us closed the doors of the past
Let us open the windows of the future
Let us inhale the early morning fresh air
May the soft rays of the rising sun caress your beautiful face.

Let us smile and laugh again
Let us hold hands again and dance
Let us take those long evening walks again
May our love like the new year be renewed.

I love you Patience!



I shall wake up,

I shall pick myself up,

I shall discover the man,

The man I am meant to be.



I will not hit you again.

I will not lose my temper

I shall be the man in control.



I will stand tall,

I will look you in the eye

And tell you how much I love you.



I will come home early,

I will listen to you

I will be there for you.


Only if tomorrow comes……