December Randomness

December is upon us….

Let the festivities begin. Ladies and Gents, please allow me to indulge you.

You have been ogling him/her all year through. This festive season prove to him/her that you exist. Take him/her out. I did all the research for you:

1.Venue: Fancy Restaurant in town.

Time check: Late evening

Your dress code, your date, and your table manners matter alot here

2. Do not choose food that you can not easily identify.

This is a simple dish for a starter

3. Do not order Pilsener, hello?!?  You are @ Fancy Restaurant….remember? This is what you should order:

That is what you should order

4. We suppose you are here to eat, so let us dig in straight away

For him:


 For her….since she is watching her weight, we propose this:

Better sight guaranteed!

5. She gets to watch you eat and her weight all at once…..How cool is that?

6. Then she/he will have to organise the transport back home depending on who did the ogling during the year….

Transport will always be found customer-friendly costs

 7. Happy Holidays!