A bit political…

I have been away from this space for too long again. I do not know what is happening. I used to have lots of inspirational stuff to tell you. Do you still remember some of them?

The East African Community embraced a common market early last month. Shortly thereafter, Burundi went to the polls, closed followed by the recently concluded referendum in Kenya.  This week the Rwandans exercised their rights by voting in a new president. We await the outcome of the Sudan and Zanzibar election early next year.

The Electoral Commisions have been pretty busy and they have done a tremendous job of keeping it peaceful. At least, no bloodshed was reported.

The Al-Shabab have promised another bomb attack on the capitla of Uganda and the police is more than ever on high alert.

Tomorrow, the late Godfrey L. Binaisa will be laid to rest. Please remember to say a prayer for him before you get too drunk to remember why you have a holiday.

Till the, God be with you!