Late at night,

When all is quiet,

And sleep is supposed to be sweet,

I lay awake.


I lay awake,

Counting the stars

Through our hole-studded iron sheets.

Silently praying

That it does not rain again.


My silent prayer is not heard,

I hear thunder rumbles in the distance

And I know it is going to be a stormy night.

I am ashamed to look at you

Because I have failed to provide.

I am no longer the man you loved.


The children start calling,

The rain falls heavier,

Threatening our already tired roof.

The ensuing cacophony

Brings me out of my reverie


The children are hungry again!



This is me

My name is Sibo.  I love reading all your posts. I have decided to write this so that I too may now call myself a blogger. Cool!

I love poetry – both the writing and reading.

I am multi-lingual. Try me!

Have a fantastic weekend.

A nation doomed

As I entered this room,

All I smelt was doom,

A room so darkened with gloom

In a nation doomed.


The birds sing no more,

The wind blows no more,

The sun shines no more,

In a nation doomed.


The children have gone silent,

Mothers and fathers meet not,

My heart cries out,

In a nation doomed.


All I hear are gunshots,

My eyes are bursting to brim,

Because of the smoke-filled sky,

Mine is a nation doomed.

Hello blog world!

I have finally decided to break the silence. Now, I can blog away all I want, and the monthly BHH won’t leave me behind. Cool stuff!

Let me go back to what puts bread on my plate.


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