Bored & Hungry

This is one idle post.

I am in the office with no work but because the boss is in I can not go home.  Iam very bored and very hungry. I was supposed to go fo lunch but 2 things happened:

1. I had to see a doc to rectify my sore throat so that I could eat peacefully again. Of late, the eating has been a painful struggle.

2. When I walked out of the clinic, it started raining so I had to return to the office.

Only 3 people seem busy here: the MD, the Accountant & the Operations Manager. The rest of us are on a chiller mode. Well, for me, it is not chilling really cause I am hungry. I can wait for 17h00.

Fellows, what can I do to while away the 1 hour left?


Missing you

This blog has been inactive for the past 2 months. During these 2 months, I battled with life and at a certain point, I had a brief encounter with my creator. I spent 4 days in a coma.

I am well now and back at work here in Kigali. All is well and work is progressing quite smoothly. Though, I miss Kampala terribly.

Kigali is quite dull compared to Kampala. After work, you have nothing else to do but go home. I miss Wandegeya, Cineplex, Steak Out, etc.

Above all, I miss you my friends. You all know yourselves aka the UgBlogspirit + the Kenyansista and my sister here: Igikobwa.

Gotta, get back to work, the boss is looking at me funny!