For you, Patience

So the sunshine came again?
I stand here alone over the ages
Days spent with no one but myself
I tell you the sunshine never ends

But when the darkness comes…
I’m afraid to close my eyes
Did you know? 
Did you know the sun is gonna die?

This could be the last day
The last golden light
Finally the darkness releases the light
Streaming beams coming alive

Look into the sun as a new day rise
Flood your eyes with heat and bright
One more day for us to still be

Specially adapted for you, Patience.

Thought of the day

Be thankful for the sound of birds chirping in the morning, it means that you are alive.” – Written in 2014 by Betty Oliver — Barbados

PS: Even Max will not leave the door till you come back…



patiently waiting




A letter to Patience

Dear Patience,

It is a cold and wet morning. I hope that you slept well. I did not. Let me tell you why.

Last evening, it rained. I live in Kampala. That is a good recipe for catastrophic traffic jams. I left work quite early, I had plans. Plans to make you that pasta salad that you enjoy very much. I had things to tell you but it rained. When I got to the city center my plan was to jump onto the next taxi and get home ASAP but it rained. Instead, I waited at the taxi stage for 3 hours in the rain. And I waited. The traffic jam was massive. The taxi fare was hiked. the passengers were soaked. Those were the most excruciating 3 hours of my week.

This could have been our dinner but it rained!

This could have been our dinner but it rained!


It was made worse by the fact that I had left my headphones in the office. So there was no music to make the wait less painful. It rained. No Dj Twonjex in my ears. He does a good job by the way. He has been great company. So here I was, already late for our date and with no music in the rain. My mind developed wings and took off. I saw us 3 years from now happily married with 2 wonderful children ( a boy and a girl). I see you finally leaving your irritating boss to take up your passion professional. You are simply amazing with babies: I am a witness! I remember your smile when we visited the children at Bless A Child Foundation. 

I missed his mixes....

I missed his mixes….

I decided to go to Capital Shoppers to buy chocolate for you. The Ugandan one. You see the president has been on my radio saying; “Buy Ugandan, Build Uganda!” I am a patriot. I went to the supermarket specifically for Ugandan chocolate. I did not find it. I will try again tonight till my country is adequately built. The rain will not stop us now.

PS: I miss you already. But I miss more when it rains!

Thought of the day:

Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”  Kevin Kruse

I hope you write soon. The rains are back and these roads are slippery and muddy without you….