Of water and lack of it

This page has been open fo the past 25 minutes and I still have nothing to blog about. I could tell you alot but I lack the words. This should be an open letter to National Water and Sewerage Corporation but I cange my mind, they are not worth it!

We, the residents of Ntinda have not had  water for the past week and 2 weeks for others. We have had enough. The company is quick to present bills and even quicker to disconnect one who is late in settling his/her bills. We tried to contact the company but no one seemed to know what was going on until last night when NTV broke the story. Thank you, NTV!

It is strange that while in some homes the taps dried up, other resident have had a consistent water flow. A 20-litre jerrycan now costs UGX 500. Not cool at all!

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

I am angry with NSWC. If I had my way, I would find an alternative. Till then, I remain your loyal yet disgruntled client.


Really, do I know?

‘Really, do I know?’

That is what she said before she left me. We had been together for the past 4 years,8 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 14hours and 36 minutes. I was deeply hurt and yet glad that she had been bold enough to tell it to my face. Sheha was no ordinary girl, she was smart, very pretty and yet very humble. We met at one of these Youth Fellowships that take place annually here in Kampala. The year was 2004 and we were at Hotel Africana Conference Hall. Sheha was one of the organisers and I noticed her. She had one of the most electrifying smiles on this planet.

The conference passed so quickly that I did not notice the time passby. I scrumbled to my feet and rushed to the high table to shake her hand. You could say ours was love at first sight. Contacts were exchanged and plans for the evening were laid. Later on, when we met, she told me that she had been smitten by the nice looking young man who walked into the hall with so much confidence as though he owned the the hall. ‘ I have never seen anyone that confident’ she said, giving me that killer smile. I was floating, I tell you! We departed with promises to call each the soonest.

Two weeks later, I said, ‘ Sheha, I love you. I want to be your man. I want to share my life with  you for you complete. These past weeks, you have brought me joy I never experienced before. You are my sunshine! Will you be my girl?’ She took her time, looked at me those beautiful eyes while rolling her tongue seductively. In a very low voice, she said ‘ I am yours Akim, I have always been and will always be. Promise that you will not break my heart.’ Joy swept over me. I held her in my arms, and slowly whispered in her ear, ‘ I promise.’ When my lips found hers, she responded with a passion only lovers know.

Everyone knew we were a couple. We prayed together, danced together, shopped together, ate together, partied together. We did everything together. It was well know by all our friends that if you saw Sheha, I was always nearby. We were a happy couple. Sheha was very organised and she brought order into my haphazard lifestyle. We took long walks, listened to the birds sing and watched sunrises and sunsets. There was a new vibrancy in my life. 

One year later, I graduated from university, Sheha was in her final year. She organised a very memorable graduation party for me.  Shortly thereafter, I got a job with an international organisation. That is when the trouble started. As Corporate Manager of the organisation, I was supposed to monitor all the branches. I started travelling every week. This took a toll on Sheha and I. I became resentful and she became nagging. During one of the duty trips, that is when I met Suzie. Suzie was a blonde. She came to my hotel room and after she left. I regretted that I had broken the promise I had made to Sheha. I had cheated. Suzie continued to visit and I spent less time with Sheha.

When I returned, Sheha was waiting for me at the airport, the kiss was brief, a brush of lips. We did not talk all the way till home. Before we got out of the car, she said, ‘ Akim, it is better for both of us if we end this relationship. I think we are just wasting each other’s time.’ Much as Iwas shocked, I could not bring myself to defence. In a small subdued voice, I asked, ‘ Why? Sheha, what happened?’

And she replied, ‘Really, do I know?’