Back and sad

It has been a long while without blogging or tweeting for that matter. Alot of you my beloved reeaders/followers have been wondering what happened to Sibo. Well, Sibo is back.

A moment of silence for the brothers and sisters we lost in the twin bombs that hit Kampala on 11th July 2010……….May the Lord grant the Eternal rest, Amen!

It is 3 months since I last blogged. My health has been playing hide-and-go-seek with me. Thankfully, I always find it. I developed a rare condition where the red blood cells just self-destruct. The medication  is terrible but it has worked wonders.

Right now, I am on leave for medical reasons. I can not tell you how boring it is to spend a day at home with no set program. It is torture. I have decided to perfect my cooking and hopefully will make money out of it. So while, I have been off the social network,  I have not been out of touch with the news.

My heart bleeds for the young departed souls.