Mid-week introduction

Ladies & Gentlemen of blogville, I am greatly honoredto introduce to you a new entrant in the family. Please welcome join me in welcoming Bluemystiq to blogville.

Check her out!!


Monday aches

It is Monday again. I am in the office and my body aches terribly. Saturday, I went to Jinja for bungeeing & rafting – courtsey of ADRIFT. Now, I am terribly paying.

It was fun though. Actually fun is not the right word – EXHILARATING is the word. The jump from 44m high,the free fall – I flew.

Then the rafting trough all the rapids big & small, my team & I challenged them all – No flipping. We did it!

My back, tummy & arms hut from the rowing/paddling.

I hope you all had a great wknd as I did. Next time, you are free, pay a visit to ADRIFT – they will make it happen: the bungee jumping, the rafting.
It is totally AWESOME!

Thanks ADRIFT, you guys made my weekend!

Have a blessed week every one!

Weekend or weakened?

It has been a silent week around blogville.

Friday: Full day in office….then evening at Alliance Française for Tshila’s show while everyonelse was at Nyambura.

Saturday: I spent the whole of yesteday in Jinja. Actually the Rainforest Lodge is a dope place.

I finally got to see the source of the Nile.  I keep falling in love with our motherland………..aren’t we blessed?

Where should I visit next?

Have a bleesed week!

Status update

It is Saturday. I guess that is not news! The EU-UG village is on at Kololo Airstrip and from my observation it looks like Kampala has responded well considering that entrace fee is a mere 2,000 UGX for adults. the kids are having a blast. Unfortunately, I can join in the festivities, I have to represent my bosses at the company’s stall).

I am in mourning. My friend lost her father yesterday and she is heavy with a child.

I am still recovering from Bukedde’s bloody front page photos. Is it me or is murder on the increase in the country? Bamusse………Afudde! Headlines that declare nothing but doom (refer to: https://iwacu.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/a-nation-doomed/)

I apologise for the absence from here. I have preparing for today throughout the week.

I leave you with this. Enjoy the weekend.

Age is just a number. Nice weekend!
Age is just a number. Nice weekend!