Excuse of A Post

I have not posted anything in a long while. Even now, I do not have anything much to talk about. I will let the mind wander.

Over the weekend, my kid bro decided to throw a birthday party. I did not know that little children drink so much these days. A number of Black & White Mischief bottles were emptied and crazyness took over. I remember my first taste of alcohol 10 years ago. A glass of beer floored me and when I woke up I had a headache to remember. Just the memory alone made me leave the children to their drunken endeavours…

They say you can run but you can not hide. However coined that phrase should come to me for a bottle of Pepsicola. The girl I told you about in my previous post did come to Kla. I stood up and defended the male race…I did not chicken out! By the way, she is still thankfu that I was there all the while.

When Sam walked in to the office, the accountant asked him his marital status was. His reply was; “Searching & Confused!” Surprised and shocked, the accountant asked am to explain. Sam’s explanation was that his searching is not going on well. He has been confused by the large number of beautiful and available single girls in Kampala.

“What can a brother do?”

If your weekend starts today, I have 2 words for you: STAY SAFE!



Weekend fun

A good movie…..

A nice book….

A cold beer…

An excursion to the beach…

An uplifting church service….

Whatever you this weekend, HAVE FUN!


It started with a chat message on skype. Then, it was followed by Yahoo! Messenger.

She sent her photo and then asked for mine.

She made “declaration d’amour” that is what she called it!

Then it was followed by text messages late in the night which have now become phonecalls.

The problem is she is so much in and I am yet to get there…..

She is a work colleague: different branch, country and department tough.

Is this right? I get the feeling she is moving too fast for me….

I am going into hiding…………….

Let the cows come home

When I reached home last evening, I picked up my scrap book and started scribbling. This is what my head sent to my hand:

Let the cows come home,

A home that was once full

Full of laughter and joy,

Joy now turned to grief.

Grief brought by this senseless war,

War brought about by this madness,

This madness has taken over this nation

A nation that was once united.

Let the cows come home!

I was going home last evening. Here, I am sitted in this taxi minding my own business until this beauty walks and sits next to me. Whoa! She says hi, and I melt….that voice, those eyes….damn! 

Oooops, Sibo, please focus! Ok thank you. So we reach the Ministry of Health, well you know how taxis are trying to escape traffic jam on one street and falling right in the middle of one in the next. This lady on the seat behind the conductor starts complaining loudly. She says taximen are planless. Instead of using this route, we should have used Wandegeya where there are traffic lights, so she says. For a second I agree with her. Then things get nasty! She gets tribalistic. Saying that the westerners have ripped this country. They are the ones buying expensive cars while the rest are sleeping on empty stomachs and blah blah blah…..

The lady vented for a while even when we were out of the jam, she was not about done! Damn, this lady had steam.. I lost interest and struck a converstaion with the beauty till she alighted.

Alone, I got a moment to think about this lady’s anger. When did our country get to this level? I am so worried for my motherland.