My name – a book title…..

Sibo Makes a Difference......Indeed!!!!

Sibo Makes a Difference......Indeed!!!!

I am now a celeb. My name is a choice book title. Cool!

It is you

At the end of the day,

I turn to you,

And tell you my ups and downs,

Joys and troubles,

Plans and projects,

Prayers and fears.

We share it all,

For I know a secret with you

Is one well-kept

So, I am not afraid to bare my heart out.


You see me off,

When the day begins,

We prepare and plan together.
When, I leave you,

It is not for long

Because I know you will still be there,

Patiently waiting for my return

And ready to listen.

Old news

I should have told you this yesterday. Now, it is going to sound like history. Please prepare yourself for history:

I run out of fuel on the way to the office.  What did you say?……What? You too!!!

Here is the full story. The car came from the garage on Sunday evening. I did not bother to check. Monday morning, I jump in and drive out, as soon as I hit the main road, I glimpse at the fuel gauge and it is reading: DANGEROUSLY LOW!! Thank God , the SHELL is in view about 2 metres ahead.

SHELL has no diesel. and the next filling station is in about 600 metres….I move on slightly convinced that I will make it.

I am stuck in the middle of the traffic. It is dangerously threatening to rain.

What a morning!

Lesson: Mechanics are suckers.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

End of the course……

I closed the course yesterday.

In the morning, we had a brief test and it was followed by a complementary visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and the Botanical Gardens. It was a wholesome experience sharing our country with my students – most of whom are foreigners.

We got to admire and appreciate the nature and the beauty of Uganda. This got me thinking – Why does it have to be foreigners to awaken us to the beauty of our country?

Let us learn to appreciate our country, visit the national parks, see nature in its beauty, appreaciate and learn about conservation….

We can do much more!

I have 2 questions off the above topic:

1. What is the difference between pressing and blogging?

2. I am an ardent reader. However, for a month now, I have failed to read beyond the first page of any novel that I pick up. What can I do?

Have a fantastic weekend…..

New week

This week has started on a very unusual note for me.

For the duration of the entire week, I will be a teacher to about 20 students. My students are not the ordinary school students. Mine are adults, with their own rides, families, and homes.

Our class will be conducted at the shores of Lake Victoria.

Have a great week.

Ma3s cont’d

When you want to get off at Posta Uganda, there is no stage…..

When there is a potential passenger waiting at Posta, it is suddenly okay to stop and get him/her on board….

Oba why?

Nice weekend!


My relationship with public transport is filled with so much love (for the cost) and yet so much hate (for the inconvenience).

the source of misery.....esp on a rainy day!

the source of misery.....esp on a rainy day!

Keep on smiling, Jesus is alive……

He will give you the courage to upgrade to private transport.