Judgement day that never was….

So the world did not come to an end on  21st May as earlier predicted by Harold Camping, Head Pastor of Family Radio. There was no judgment and no rapture. And as predicted by Harold Camping, no massive earthquake. The joke was on him. He was so sure of his calculations. We waited for something to happen at six o’clock but in vain.

Earlier that day, I was at the American Recreational Association in Makindye for the monthly flea market. After looking at all the stalls, I settled on 2 novels and a few movies. There are a lot of toys, clothes and ladies’ shoes. You should try it. Next market is on 18th June 2011.

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio and then the presenter read a  death announcement. It occurred to me that a death announcement if it does not affect you is just another piece of bad news. Can we  really feel the pain of a friend who has lost a loved one? I do not think so. We are quick to sympathize with them because society expects us  to. We really do not feel what that person is feeling at theta particular moment.

Have a blessed week!

Words of Wisdom

–          “Impression without expression leads to depression” From The Color of Darkness, a novel by Lesley Bilinda.

–          “Success is not to be pursued. It is to be attracted by the person you become.” Jim Rhon


Just saying…

It is mid-May and here I am still confused as ever. Very soon, I will be 30. What does one do when they turn 30? That is 3 decades, a pretty long time if you ask me. I have been seated home for the past 23 days and in between a lot has happened.

I have been roaming the internets looking for a school outside of Africa that I could join. Yes, I am just like you. I too envision studying and then staying abroad (pronounced as ‘ablod’). Quite frankly, there is too much on offer but I have narrowed my search to Australia,Belgium and France in that particular. I am now looking for scholarship. School is an expensive investment and I welcome any sponsor. I only accept cheques and cash in US Dollars…just so you know!

I have been to Eclipse. That one that belongs to Dr. Ronnie ‘Mitch’ Egwang of the Tusker Project show. At least that is the last place we saw him. And he still makes appearance before the NTV news at 1:00 pm and at 9:00 pm. I met great people there. My collection of E-books has increased. Thank you, Leo.

I visited the WBS new offices at Naguru Hill. Classy is the description. Though the hill is still an inconvenience to those who are not fit enough.

In other news, H.E. Y.K. Museveni was sworn for his 4th term as the President of theRepublic ofUganda. A country that has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons. As the swearing in ceremony was going on, the leader of opposition, Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye was returning to the country fromKenya where he has been on medical treatment.  As Kololo Airstrip (Get it right Mr. Maurice Mugisha! That is the Kololo Airstrip not the Independence grounds) turned yellow, Entebbe Road was painted blue by a sea of Besigye’s supporters who gave him a hero’s welcome.

Commendably, the Police have lessened the brutality as previously seen when dealing with the walk to work demonstrations. However, instead of tear gas and high pressure water, they have resorted to strawberry juice. Olara Otunnu of UPC and Samuel Lubega had the privilege of tasting the first free sample. The police was indeed generous with the juice and it was given in enormous doses. The opposition was awash with the free pink juice. Norbert Mao who does not accept free gifts from the government decided to walk away. He was arrested at theConstitutional Squarefor snubbing government offers. Poor guy!

According to scientists, the world is coming to an end on 21st May 2011. If that comes to pass, please remember me.

Let me go back and complete my essay on the current environmental crisis.

I started writing this on Saturday and I knew I would post it on Monday. It is now Sunday evening. Earlier today, I went to House of Madonna on Kimathi Avenue just opposite City Hall for lunch. I had a potato salad. I was impressed by the presentation and it tasted just right. The time of service is still lacking though and the waitress seems to forget that she is at work and just gets distracted by the TV tuned to Movie Magic. Other than that, I recommend their potato salad.

Later, I had a cup of coffee at Ban Café at Oasis Mall with my girl, Tracy. Unlike the branch at the Grand Imperial Hotel (Rank at Number 48 on the top 100 Restaurants of Uganda), this one has 2 sitting areas. There is the one as you enter and to get to the second sitting area, take the stairs on your left.  My date and I chose the latter. Here, there is a painting depicting the transformation of the coffee bean from crop to cup. Other wooden sculptures adorn the wall opposite.

Enough advertising, House of Madonna and Ban Café should pay me for this.

Just come to think of it, I had not been in town for a long while and I will not be returning anytime soon.

If the world ends on 21st May 2011, please know that I love you.

To the rest of you, if the past 2 weeks of May have not be good, worry not, you still have another 2 weeks to redeem yourself.

Till we meet again on these pages, have a great week/weeks.

It is Monday and I have to post this and then go to WBS, ciao guys! The rain changed my plans, I am from WBS.

Words of Wisdom:

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer.

Let us change the world we live in…one step at a time!

April Recap

April came and April went….so did my job!

April is a sad month for the people of Rwanda. This year was no different. From all over the world, Rwandans remembered the Genocide of 1994. This is the 17th commemoration. I joined my brothers and sisters in Rwanda in the walk to remember that took place on 9th April in Kigali. I like the way the youth of Rwanda are taking charge.

In Uganda, politics took a different turn when the opposition took to the streets in what they called “The Walk to Work” protest. The reason for this was the high fuel and food prices. The first walk was done on 11th April and Kampala has known no peace since then…actually these protests was taken as far as Masaka, Mbale, Jinja, and Gulu.

Despite the determination of the opposition, the Police backed by the Military have been relentless in quelling these protests-turned riots. Kizza Besigye, Betty Namboze and Norbert Mao have spent time behind bars for these.

Easter was calm affair here in Kampala. The Jamaican RDX of the ‘Bend Over’ fame were here and I am told even though that is the only song the duo has done that Ugandans know, a party is always a party! Kampalans had a great time. The party was stretched to Easter Monday. In fact, I know some guys who carried Monday blues to Tuesday purples….

My homeboy, Arshad got a baby girl. Congs my man….you are going to rock as a father!

Words of Wisdom

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.” Plutarch

In the month of May:

• Only One Basket event

• Trip to Burundi

• Trip to Canada Dates & Details to be availed here…..

Happy May! Let us unite for Peace!