June Recap…a late one!

This post is long overdue.

June is one of those months that I look forward to. First, it is my birth month, second, there are 2 public holidays in this month, and thirdly, we celebrate Fathers; Day in this month.

a) Martyrs Day

Like is the norm, pilgrims started trekking to Namugongo weeks before 3rd June depending on where they were coming from. Some came from as far as Tanzania. Before the day, preparations were in top gear. The shrine was scrubbed clean and given a fresh coat of paint. Hon. Edward Sekandi, the new Prime Minister represented the Head of State at the celebrations.

b) The Soccer Match

The Uganda Cranes had a match with that team from Guinea Bissau whose name I can not remember on 4th June 2011 at Mandela Stadium in Nambole. Ugandans showed their support and love by turning up for the match in huge number adorning the team jerseys. The city was painted black, yellow and red.
It seems that the prayers said at Namugongo the day before were answered as the national team emerged victorious.

c) The Trip

I visited Kigali again this month. As Uganda was celebrating the victory of the Cranes against that team from Guinea Bissau whose name I can not remember, I was aboard an AKAMBA Coach going to Kigali.
I have said this before and I will say it again. Compared to Kampala, Kigali is very boring. However, do not be deceived by the above statement, small as it is Kigali has a lot to offer for a first time visitor.
While in Kigali, I re-visited the Genocide Memorial Centre and the Art and Culture Centre.
I hitched a lift from my cousin, Aimable who was going to Kampala on 9th June. We had a splendid trip now that the road is near to completion.

d) The Haircut

After 8 months of grooming an afro, I decided to visit the barber. The afro had to go.
I feel light-headed now!

e) The PIFF Hugathon – 2011

I can not conclude without mentioned the Hugathon organized by the Pay It Forward Foundation of Uganda (PiFF) on 25th June at Garden City Entrance. The Hugathon was a day we set aside to give out free hugs. It was simply magical!