Random Rumblings

Dear Patience,

There is no apology or excuse befitting my silence. I will just lay it here plainly: I am sorry.
It is cold here but it is even colder without you. I know those are not the words I planned to start with. You see, while thinking about what to write to you today, I took a walk. I took a walk in the forest near home to declutter my mind. I don’t know how that turned out. I feel much better now and the computer is not repulvise anymore.
I have a lot of explaining to do but I don’t if this is the right forum. I hope that we can talk soon so that we clear the air.
I walked out on you and I am sorry about that. Now, it is clear that my life is not complete without you in it.

While growing up, I longed to be an adult. Now that I am an adult; I look back with longing at my childhood and sometimes I wish I could turn back the hands of time and be a child one more time. I had a wonderful childhood and I would never change anything about it. I grew around loving parents and crazy simblings. Home is still magical and the reunions (now that the simblings are scattered all over the world) are nothing short of the madness expected. I am blessed beyond measure.
I choose happiness.

I digress. I am sorry that I walked out on you. You see, I was ashamed.
Ashamed that I could not look you in the eye and tell you that I failed you;
Ashamed that I let you down;
Ashamed of the monster I became instead of the man I should have been;
I now see how much I wronged you.

Benjamin Franklin said that; “Never ruin an apology with an excuse
Therefore, it is better that I end this post here.

You mean more than you know

You mean more than you know

Image source: Google Images

I hope to hear from you soon!

Much love.




I shall wake up,

I shall pick myself up,

I shall discover the man,

The man I am meant to be.



I will not hit you again.

I will not lose my temper

I shall be the man in control.



I will stand tall,

I will look you in the eye

And tell you how much I love you.



I will come home early,

I will listen to you

I will be there for you.


Only if tomorrow comes……

And now…….

I was on kitchen duty last night. I prefer quick meals so I decided to prepare potato salad. My brother, observant a s he is, asks, “Hey Sibo, who invented mayonnaise?” I was dumbstruck.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “maybe the French.” I made a mental note to check this out after dinner. I use mayonnaise in many dishes and I did not know who invented it. This was not right.

I discovered that mayonnaise was invented in 1756 in France by Duke de Richelieu’s chef. So Iwas right!

In national news, the money allocated for investigating the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Global Fund has also disappeared.  What a country!!

It is mid-week, I can smell the weekend….

Superheroes in old age

Do you remember those days you spend lounging in front of the telly eternally tuned to Cartoon Network?

You would watch with ever-growing fascination the X-Men, Spiderman, Flash, etc…..

When age catches up with our revered superheroes, some of us will surely be heartbroken. Let me give you a glimpse on how they will look like….

1. Elektra.


2. Iron Man.


3. Flash.

Old Flash

4. Hulk.

Old Hulk

5.  Spiderman.

Old Spider Man

6. Wolverine.



Created by Donald Soffriti

Have a great week!!!!!


Late entry

This a very late post. It was due Monday and now Friday is upon us. The furthest I got to was reading other happy bloggers’ posts. Thanks Angie, Baz and Sleek. You kept me reading.

I can not even remember what I was supposed to talk about. Blame is on bloggers’ block. On Monday, I was still sailing thanks to the non-stop partying over the weekend. I only mamanged to get some work done yesterday.

I just realised that I have a headache and my colleague tells me the boss has been shouting at me all week. Now, I am starting to hear the echoes.

This heat is becoming unbearable. I wish my office was air-conditioned. While I am still wishing, my work station is down. The IT guys think I am bluffing.  Here, I am with a monitor that plays; “now you see-now you dont” with me all day.

My eyes are hurting. I think I should sue the company….

In other new (whic by now you all already know), MJ died. He stopped before we got enough.

Happy weekend